Mexican influencer records song with El Cherry Scom and breaks the record for “dislikes”

The popular influencer Mexican Kunno participated again in a music video clip and YouTube Internet users showed their annoyance with a wave of dislikes. The new single with the participation of the influencer was strongly criticized and has already added more than 140 thousand dislikes versus just under 35 thousand “likes”.

Kunno’s song, Today it’s your turn, has the collaboration of El Cherry Scom and Rodrigo Rodríguez. However, the presence of the musicians did not stop YouTube users from gorging on the thumb down button. The 140,000 dislikes dwarf the 34,000 opinions in favor.

Netizens noted that Kunno’s participation ruined the two remaining musicians. They also pointed out that the hate caused by the influencer now dragged the career of third parties, being those affected Rodrigo Rodríguez and El Cherry Scom.

“Kunno has talent and whoever says otherwise is right”, “When I get bored of studying, I come to see Kunno and the desire returns. 100% recommended ”, were read to some of the YouTube users.

The users who expressed their opinion concluded that they liked singing by El Cherry Scom and Rodrigo Rodríguez, but the participation of the TikTok celebrity took away their taste.