Mexico: 57 high school students in Chiapas ended up intoxicated and it is not ruled out that it was due to cocaine

It did not happen missing that in the federal state of Chiapas a total of 57 students from Juana de Asbaje Secondary School, in the municipality ofand Bochilwill be intoxicated, according to the Mexican Social Security Institute, after reporting on Friday night the minors began to feel ill health such as seizures and were taken to the Linz hospital in an emergency.

Quite a scare for this school because of the number of students who ended up affected. The expert opinion is being carried out by the State Attorney General’s Office to determine the real cause of this intoxication. The possibilities are discussed, according to parents in their social networks, the students had done some private laboratory studies of one of the minors and apparently had an indicator of having taken cocaine or also some particular food is not ruled out. For now, the authorities continue to investigate.

Likewise, although there are 57 children, it is estimated that there could have been more students because some had mild symptoms and were not referred to a health center. Just next Monday there will be a meeting between parents and authorities to have more scope of this case.

According to NMás, the children felt unwell at the end of classes, such as stomach pain, dizziness and fainting, which caused the concern of the school teachers who soon took them to the nearest hospital.

Father denounces that it was for cocaine

Some parents on their own and determine that their children have used cocaine after undergoing an evaluation by a private laboratory. It is believed that it could have been the cause of this intoxication. What is certain for now is that everything arose on the same school campus, which is why the prosecution’s efforts are important to get to the point of all this problem.