Mexico: what are the songs for which FIFA opened an investigation?

Things are not looking good for Mexicans. The FIFA Disciplinary Committee opened a procedure against the Mexican Football Federation due to the chants that the fans made during the match against Poland.

The arguments of the FIFA they are based on article 13 of the Disciplinary Code, which speaks of discrimination and the sanctions imposed on those who fail to comply with them.

During the match against Poland the Mexican assistants in the stadium did not stop supporting their team. But they also had unsportsmanlike behavior, such as hurling insults at the referee. Thus, they yelled at him “cule***”.

This homophobic chant has already brought various problems to the Mexican teams since the World Cup qualifiers, the Gold Cup and friendly matches.

If found guilty, heThe sanctions that FIFA could impose on Mexicans would range from monetary fines, loss of points, or even expulsion from the tournament.

If one or more followers of a federation or a club adopt the conduct described in section 1 (person who threatens the dignity or integrity of a country, a person or a group of people using derogatory, discriminatory or vexatious words or actions ( by whatever means); the following disciplinary measures may be imposed on the responsible federation or club:

According to the images shared on the platform, the Mexicans approached various groups of tourists from other nations dressed as if they were from Qatar to scare them while taking pictures. At that, they stopped for fear of punishment, but they breathed with relief when they realized that it was all a joke.

“They all left very scared”, “The last ones died of fear”, “All afraid of being whipped”, “We didn’t win on the pitch, but we are the best outside”, “One of the best jokes I’ve seen in Qatar” , were some of the comments with the most reactions.