Michelle Reynoso, in charge of Soberano Awards wardrobe

The Dominican designer Michelle Reynoso is in charge of the entire locker room of the shows of Sovereign Awards with an estimate of 450 pieces for 56 people on stage.

This year the gala held Wednesday March 22 will feature seven musicals. He will also dress a group of artists.

“I felt a ‘sovereign’ joy when it was proposed that our firm be in charge of locker room of Sovereign Awards. We immediately accepted, we promised to give everything as always, so that the quality, the designs and colors were up to the task of this festival of Dominican art and culture and that each piece is part of the show”.

With this quote, the designer Michelle Reynosoowner of the firm of the same name, revealed her joy at having been chosen to shoulder this responsibility that she hopes will continue to strengthen her work, as on other occasions.

One of the details that stands out when taking on the challenge is that: “our brand always complies with what it assumes within a framework of quality and full dedication. Hence, although time is running out, we are working giving one hundred percent of our delivery and dedication to this commitment to achieve the best results”, says Reynoso, who has assumed this role for six consecutive years.

In addition to this, he will dress Pamela Sued, Isabella Blandino, Jenny Blanco, Yery Peguero, Manny Cruz, Paloma Rodríguez and Sergio Vargas.

He thanked the Cervecería Nacional Dominicana (CND), the Association of Art Chroniclers (Acroarte), as well as Alberto Zayas himself, artistic director of the award, for taking it into account.

The designer is confident that everything will turn out well, “and we hope that the people enjoy it because behind awards like these, there is hard work that has involved a lot of time and sacrifice.”

Although she started in the media as a model, Michelle Reynoso He gradually fell in love with fashion and, amazingly, dabbled in it to the point of having one of the most recognized firms in the industry today.

He specifies in a press release that he did not study design fashion, but she is a designer by conviction who has positioned herself in the area by dint of sacrifices and above all, respect for a sector that, in her opinion, has excellent exponents, which leads her to be increasingly competent in what what are you doing.

Sovereign Awards It will be broadcast on Telecentro channel 13 and will be hosted by Julio Sabala, Luz García and Pamela Sued.