Michelle Soifer announces a new version of Bombón Asesino: “No matter how skinny they see me, I still am”

It’s coming! Michelle Soifer is focused on promoting her musical career to the full, so she even decided to meet with Jazmín Pinedo LIVE despite having had difficulties in the past, and this time she made an unexpected announcement: She will record a new version of one of his most memorable themes.

YOU CAN SEE: Micheille Soifer launches album La Nena, and wears a beautiful Designer of the Stars outfit

Everything was revealed in the EXCLUSIVE interview of the popular ‘Michi’ with More Shows. In conversation with Jimena, who is also a reporter for You are in all, she announced that she will launch a new album that will include her well-known song, Killer Hottie, which until now have been asked in concerts, as evidenced by Magaly Medina a few weeks ago in her program.

Without mincing words, Michelle Soifer gave details of this new project, and was excited to be able to promote it. Likewise, she threatened an upcoming return to television, after she did not do as well as a jury in Yo Soy Kids, and hosting the Power of Love in Latina, after retiring from This is war at the end of 2020.

“They will always see me on television, I am a showgirl (…) I will present nine completely unpublished songs, and one of them is a surprise. No matter how skinny they see me, I’m still the killer hottie. There are so many versions, but I’m the one real hottie and I’ll have a new urban version, “he said.

Micheille Soifer shone at the presentation of her new album “La Nena”

Some days ago, Micheille Soifer He released his album “La Nena” before the great ovation of the public at the Rooftop Fugaz, where he left more than one speechless. True to her style, the popular singer and former reality girl made her appearance to take over the stage, impressing with her steps and showing off with the live band while performing their songs.