Michelle Soifer: “Crazy for the shows to start”

Despite the criticism, Michelle Soifer is quite a whirlwind with her songs that have been very successful due to the thousands of reproductions on YouTube, as is the case of the song Tempo, whose video clip exceeded one million views in a week.

That is why the influencer is very happy, for everything that lives in the music world. She hopes that soon everything will normalize with respect to the pandemic of the Covid-19 to have direct contact with his dozens of Michilovers.

“Tell me, how is your musical career going?”
-Super good. The truth is grateful with everything that happened in 2021, despite the situation it has been very good for me, I cannot complain. And this year 2022 is going to be much better.

– How have people responded with your last song Tempo?
“Very good to all my songs.” And that makes me too happy for the great job I do and my entire team does to launch a good product.

—I assume that you hope that everything is normalized to meet again with your fans?
—I’m crazy because the shows start, that will make me have more contact with the michilovers and well, happy working with Monumental Music.

Michelle Soifer wants nothing with love

The artist indicated that she has a lot of love to give in her life to her loved ones, but she is not desperate to fall in love again. She stresses that she works hard to grow more professionally. “In love with music,” she said Michelle Soifer.

Michelle Soifer was in kisses with Andrés Wiese

Michelle Soifer He is giving a lot to talk about for the intense kisses and bed scenes he has with the actor André Wiese in the production Junta de Necinos. She plays the beautiful Danitza, and he the journalist called the Raven.