Michelle Soifer: How many siblings do you have and what do they do?

It is known that Michelle Soifer was a reality girl in “Combat” Y “This is war” and that she is the singer and actress of her family, because she has plenty of talent. But besides that, she is sister and daughter, although very little is known about her private life. For this reason, in El Popular we will tell you about his brothers.

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How many siblings does Michelle Soifer have?

Michelle Solangie Soifer Cardena 32 years old is the oldest sister of five brothers. After her, her parents had two other female daughters and finally two male sons, who are the youngest.

Kimberly Soifer

Kimberly Soifer she is the sister of Michelle Soifer and was born after her. The young woman never participated in the competition reality shows, however in the beginning, she did work with the “killer hottie” as part of her dancers, in her cumbia orchestra.

Subsequently, Kimberly Soifer has been the one who has managed Michelle Soifer’s career and both have also had businesses together such as a fast food restaurant, as well as a beauty salon. In addition, she is the only one who is married and has children.

Michelle Soifer’s sister, Kimberly Soifer, maintains a solid sentimental relationship and has a beautiful family, made up of three children. The youngest was born in September 2021 and became an aunt for the third time by the singer.

Chris Soifer

Chris Soifer She is the last female sister of Michelle Soifer and is 26 years old. She, unlike the first, is in the media and entered entertainment after being summoned to Esto Es Guerra, when her sister stopped belonging. Since then he has been part of the ranks of reality shows such as Combate and Welcome to the afternoon.

In addition, Chris Soifer has maintained media love affairs. The first he was known for was with Hernán “Churrito” Hinostroza and then the Dominican Jeyci Pérez. After that, he was linked with Diego Chávarri, to later formalize with the businessman Yunko Dos Santos, with whom he was about to marry, but he canceled it. His last partner was DJ Carpio for infidelity.

On the other hand, after leaving the reality shows, Chris Soifer is in charge of seeing Michelle Soifer’s public relations and currently looks with a spectacular figure after performing the gastric sleeve, like her other two sisters.

Michelle Soifer’s younger siblings

In addition to her two female sisters, Michelle Soifer has two younger brothers named mark and eric. Not much is known about them, as they keep a low profile, although there are photos of them on the Soifers’ Instagrams.

The last thing that is known about Michelle Soifer’s two brothers is that they recently left the country permanently to settle in the United States. This made the singer very sad, who said goodbye to them in tears at the Jorge Chávez airport.

Michelle Soifer’s other siblings

In addition to her four brothers from father and mother, on some occasion Michelle Soifer has confessed that she has two other sisters. In an interview with Milagros Leiva, she said that she has two older half-sisters who have never lived in Peru. For this reason, from a very young age, the singer has always had to be the example for the little ones.