Michelle Soifer proud of herself, despite humiliation in concert: “I’m up for this stage and more”

Ignore the negative. Michelle Soifer is in the midst of controversy after suffering blunders and public humiliation at the Reggaetón Lima Festival on Saturday, May 20. After experiencing the unusual moment, she ex-girl reality He did not hesitate to speak out and specify that his songs do please everyone and that even in discos it is a ‘boom’.

For the program ‘Love and fire‘, The popular ‘Michi‘ spoke about what happened and the alleged rejection of those attending the Reggaeton concert. “There are people who like my music. The shows that I do in a disco, everyone sings”the baby’sing my songs,” said the public figure at the beginning, being firm and happy about his artistic career.

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Likewise, he highlighted his great work and having been on one of the most important stages of music. “I felt proud of myself as an artist. Standing on that stage, with so many people, not everyone does it. I make the grade for this stage and more,” she added.

In this way, she considered that she is up for great things and that, apparently, the criticism will not discourage her from continuing to grow professionally. Meanwhile, she revealed that she must also prepare much more mentally to avoid another situation like the one she experienced.

“This and more difficult things will happen to me in the future, I have to be mentally prepared too, not only as an artist, but also to know that these things can happen,” he told the cameras of the space of Willax.

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Giuseppe Benignini supports Michelle Soifer after humiliation at a reggaeton concert

Another of the public figures who expressed solidarity with Michelle Soifer It was her ex-partner Giuseppe Benignini, who used her networks to make clear her support for the young woman after being screwed up at the Reggaetón Lima Festival concert.

“Michelle Soifer has worked so hard and she deserves a lot of opportunities, at the time I said things out of line, but I know how hard-working she is and how insistent on getting things done. I think she deserves a chance and that the public give her that opportunity to continue in the musical field”, expressed the ex of the popular ‘Sol’.

On the other hand, Chris Soifer’s sister thanked the support of various public figures after what happened. #I really appreciate the call. I have received the call and the support of many artists and many people. I am going to speak on my networks and there you will find out what I think, “she revealed at another time to ‘Love and fire’.