Michelle Soifer’s brother graduates from an important school in the United States: “Congratulations, baby”

It will always be your baby! Michelle Soifer, and her sisters Chris and Kimberley They were excited and proud for one of their younger brothers, Erick Soifer, who has just graduated from a school in the United States. The young man traveled to “gringo lands” to finish his studies and start a career at a prestigious university.

Approximately two years ago, Mark and Erick Soifer, who were born in the US, made the decision to return to the country where they were born, after being raised in Peru. With an emotional farewell, parents and sisters were at the airport wishing all the best in their studies and that they can fulfill their dreams.

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In a short time, they managed to achieve their goals. One of them, in the case of Eric, the youngest of the five brothers, was to finish his studies at an important school. “Class of 2023. Next Stop”, wrote the ‘son’ of Michelle, Chris and Kimberly. And it is that the older ones Soifer they love their little brothers as if they were their own offspring.

“I love you, my love”, published Chris Soifer who traveled to the United States to be present at this unforgettable moment for the young man, who now aims to continue at a prestigious university. “Beautiful”, he posted kimberley, who has two children and now also lives outside of Peru with his family.

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Michelle Soifer: Erick Soifer leaves the exchica reality speechless

In the middle of last year, Michelle Soifer appeared on the deceased program ‘En boca de todos’, accompanied by all his brothers Chris, Kimberly, Mark and Erick. For the first time, the entire Soifer clan on national television. Excited, she talked about all that her little brothers mean in her life.

The surprise was Erick’s response, who was 17 years old at the time. He explained how his sister Michelle is from him. “She has a good character, she is not annoying. I think she is the least toxic of the three (laughs),” said the 19-year-old. At another point, 21-year-old Mark sang a ballad song, leaving everyone speechless. Tula Rodriguez, host of the well-known TV show.