Michelle Yeoh: “An ordinary woman can be a superheroine”

Malaysian actress Michelle Yeoh, who last March became the first Asian to win an Oscar for best actress for her role in “All at Once Everywhere”, He said Tuesday in Kuala Lumpur that the film shows that “an ordinary woman can be a superhero.”

At a press conference in the Malaysian capital, the actress said that her award from the Hollywood Academy It’s a historic moment for Asians in the film industry. and an argument against the idea that the career of actresses declines when they exceed 30 years. The artist, who was greeted by a crowd of admirers at the airport last night, displayed the statuette before the cameras and indicated that she had never seen so much press together.

Yeoh, the first Malaysian to win an Oscar, has generated an outpouring of admiration and pride in his native country, where earlier this month he brought the statuette to his mother and his father’s grave, according to photos posted on his Facebook page.

The interpreter, born in Ipoh (Malaysia) in 1962, stated that she has lived “an incredible journey, a roller coaster” since the film was shot last year until the Oscar ceremony this year in which she has had “hard times ” and the joy of feeling the support from many parts of the world.

“I’ve been very, very lucky to be able to work non-stop and work with very interesting, very diverse, forward-thinking filmmakers who have allowed me to fight for what I truly believe in: representation, diversity, and especially women’s empowerment. “said Yeoh, who also expressed his appreciation for the support of his mother and his family.

The actress said she was in love with the character she plays in the filmEvelyn Wang, the owner of a dry cleaner with a nondescript life who becomes a superheroine in the multiverse “because she believes in herself, in her family and in love”, values ​​that she defined as the “essence” of the film.

“In this film I did everything, it is an action film, a comedy, horror and science fiction,” he added.

The actress indicated that part of the success of the film, released in 2022, It has been that it has connected with ordinary people and with the young public and those of Asian origin.

Being born in a country as multicultural as Malaysia, a mixture of communities of Malay, Indian and Chinese origin, has helped her “not to be a global person and not see differences, but opportunities to learn”.

On March 12, “Everything, Everywhere, All at once”, by directors Daniel Kwan and Daniel Scheinert, swept the 95th edition of the Oscars by bagging seven awards, including they the best film, best director and best actress.