Microsoft 365 announces Copilot: integrates ChatGPT to create documents and presentations for you

Microsoftthe technology giant, officially announced Copilotits new component that takes advantage of the capabilities of ChatGPT and integrates into the different applications and services. The objective of the project is that the tool performs most of your activities for youso that you can take advantage of most of the functionalities of the company’s office software.

According to Microsoft, the system combines Microsoft 365 applications, the Microsoft Graph and an LLM (Large Language Model) that understands the context and elements to resolve requests made by a user prompt.

With the ChatGPT integration in office 365 and to the use of data, Microsoft will offer options to save time in your tasks. Copilot will have the ability to execute the following activities:

  • word: write draft documents based on data files. You can also edit or summarize texts with your indications.
  • Excel: extract reports to ask you questions related to the exposed data. Furthermore, it will be possible to reveal correlations, propose scenarios or suggest formulas.
  • PowerPoint: transform written documents into ordered slides.
  • Outlook: Summarize conversation threads from your emails or create draft replies automatically. It also allows you to schedule meetings.
  • teams: will transcribe meetings, remind you of details, summarize a meeting and generate a report on what is discussed.

In addition, Microsoft is known to prepare Business Chata type of chatbot built into Microsoft 365 apps that uses Graph to bring together documents, presentations, emails, notes, or contacts to generate summaries and reports.

Copilot is likely to make mistakes, but the odds are low and your ability to correct them and generate feedback from them is high.


The AI ​​assistant is in closed beta and there is talk of a preliminary test with 20 clients. After that, its expansion to more clients is projected “in the following months”.