Microsoft will integrate its new ChatGPT-like AI into Word, Power Point and Outlook

Artificial intelligence technology continues to gain greater relevance in the world’s leading companies after the impact generated by ChatGPT. After announcing that the aforementioned intelligent chatbot is now integrated into Bing, Microsoft is now gearing up to demo how its new AI will work in Word, Power Point, and Outlook.

As is known, Microsoft has decided to bet heavily on the artificial intelligence of its partner Open AI. For this reason, as explained by The Verge, the company is preparing to detail its productivity plans to integrate OpenAI language artificial intelligence technology and its Prometheus model in the coming weeks. The announcement would be released in March.

The evolution of ChatGPT, the Prometheus model of Microsoft, it has already transformed Bing web searches. The next steps to integrate this functionality into core Office apps and equipment will test Microsoft’s confidence in its AI work.

For his part, Satya Nadella, executive director of Microsoft, He said he was interested in seeing the software maker be seen as a leader in artificial intelligence and countering any response from rival Google.

When will the new AI come to Office?

Technically, the Prometheus model of artificial intelligence can already be used within web applications of Office, thanks to the integration of the Bing sidebar in the browser Edge. This includes a compose tab that provides an early preview of some of the work Microsoft has been testing for Word and Outlook.