Miguel Araujo was chosen by FC Emmen as the best player of 2021

Miguel Araujo, Peruvian defender, continues to show why he is an important footballer in his team. FC Emmen club of the second category of the Netherlands, chose the central Bicolor as the best player of the year 2021. Through a message on their social networks, the tulip team revealed this distinction for our compatriot who posed with his family for the club’s spotlights.

“Miguel Araujo, our player of the year,” he posted FC Emmen together with some postcards of the recognition that they made in the vicinity of the tulip institution. Specify that Miguel Araujo He arrived at Emmen in the 2019 season and today he is fighting to return to the Eredivisie (First Division of the Netherlands).

Miguel Araujo is going through a good football moment. In this regard, the president of the Dutch team, Ronald Lubbers He was satisfied with the performance of the defense of the Peruvian team.

“He is doing well in the team and we miss him when he has obligations to the national team. We want to return to the Eredivisie this season and, for that objective, Miguel Araujo is indispensable for us ”, the Dutchman began for Infobae.

He also commented on whether it was positive to take it into account for this season. “Yes, that’s for sure. Miguel is also positive about his goal to bring the club back to the Eredivisie this season. He feels comfortable in Emmen together with his family, ”he added.