Miguel Araujo was chosen the best of Emmen of 2021 and stars in an emotional scene [VIDEO]

Applause for Miguel Araujo. This Wednesday, good news came from the Netherlands with the recognition that the defender received from the peruvian team by FC Emmen, which generated various reactions from his followers, fans of the ‘Blanquirroja’ and users in general for what happened.

And it is that through its social networks, the club shared images of what was the emotional moment of the 27-year-old footballer, who was accompanied by his family amid the applause and harangues of all the members of the team and technical command that they got together on the court.

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Miguel Araujo chosen as the best of his team

According to the video, Miguel Araujo appears on the scene very surprised, looking at the painting that was waiting for him. As he approached, he gave a kiss to his children and especially his wife, who received him very excited and then applauded the tremendous gesture they had with him.

“Miguel Araujo, our player of the year”, published FC Emmen in their official accounts along with images of the recognition that they did to him at the club’s facilities.

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It is worth mentioning that the Peruvian defender joined the team in 2019. Last season he lost the category, thus descending to the Second Division, and now he is fighting to return to the highest category, which is the Eredivisie.

This was the emotional moment that Miguel Araujo starred in

Photo: FC Emmen