Miguel Bosé: “Hard and ugly things happen in all lives”

Taken from The World

Based in Mexico, Miguel Bosé promotes his first book, also autobiographical. The son of Captain Trueno that ranges from when he was born in a hospital in Panama in 1956 until, at the age of 21, he got on stage for the first time, that of Florida Park in Madrid.

“This project started in Panama, when I left Spain in 2014, and it was installed. I had some conversations with a Colombian writer friend and we started talking about my life and he said: ‘Write it down.’

Despite the fact that at his 1,400-meter mansion in Somosaguas there were parties that lasted two days in a row while he went to and from school, he was able to be happy. “The ugly and hard things happen in all lives, but at the Olympian level they have more repercussion and explode thicker. At eleven my parents separated, it was a short life. At that time I imagine that he did not even consider going to a psychologist because they did not exist: Nothing, things then as they were happening you had to survive them. Then you solved them yes or yes ”, he points out.

Of his father, who died 25 years ago, in the book he still wonders how he failed: “He did not meet his expectations, the heir of Luis Miguel Dominguín, the God on earth at that time had to be a hunter, rude, brute , womanizer and swearing and I didn’t do any of that. I had too much sensitivity, I liked reading, biology, traveling in the atlas, I had a world that I did not understand ”.

Then he began his life with his mother, his sisters, which he defines in black and white: “Without heating, with a lot of misery, with a lot of dignity, keeping up appearances, but my father was gone. They were terrible years, but he was not there, who was touching the balls on all sides ”.

In addition, he confesses that he had to live the constant infidelities of his father to his mother. “In the book I tell about the jealousy that I had for this subject with my mother. I have not been faithful in my life, never to anyone. He carried it in his DNA (laughs) ”.

But if anyone knew him, it was the great painter Pablo Picasso in whose house he and his sisters Lucia and Paola spent every summer. “He was like a grandfather, a person who taught me many things and who gave me a lot of attention. He knew me far better than my father. He took me to the first dance class, I don’t know what he saw in me, that I was special. He took me to school, to paint with him, he taught me his things, about art, and he asked me to tell him what I thought and nobody asked me for that. I felt important with him ”.

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