Miguel Bosé mixes the senses, hears the colors and sees the sounds due to a strange condition

The singer Miguel Bose revealed that he has synesthesia, but it is not similar to any of the diseases that he has been diagnosed with in recent years, such as the case of sinusitis and the voice disorder called psychogenic dysphonia that caused him dental treatment or hernia disc from which he had to undergo surgery in March of last year.

Bosé made the confession during the “Cover Night” program, where he participates as part of the jury, after one of the contestants, Fredrik Strand, said that he had this condition, like Lady Gaga and Billie Eilish.

Synesthesia is giving a sensation to a sense that does not correspond to it, that is, hearing colors and seeing sounds.

“Each day of the week has a color, a number, a shape. Sometimes things have a smell, a temperature or a texture,” said Billie Eilish, who is one of the artists who enjoys this condition that affects creativity, since it is not an evil but a virtue that many would like to have, according to El World of Spain.

“Synesthesia causes curious effects in people who have it. There are those who savor the words and others see the colored letters. Also those who interpret the melodies in a red tone or can even give physical form to pain or passion. It is basically a quality with the name of a disease that many artists revere for their creativity,” the media outlet pointed out.