Miguel Méndez and Sexappeal premiere music video

The singer and songwriter Miguel Mendezthe Inédito de la Salsa, premiered his new video with the salsa singer sex appeal.

The new music video “Que se casa” tells the story of a married couple in which the man does not value the woman, filling her with infidelity and contempt, for which she decides to separate. Knowing that she rebuilt her life and marries her, he falls into an abyss of regret, acknowledging her mistake and accepting “Let her get married.”

The video clip hopes to capture his followers once again, becoming a success, as has happened with his previous songs, reaching international popularity.

It is recalled that recently the single “Que se casa” was the winner of the Famalony award based in New York and Argentina, as song of the year.

The direction and script were in charge of IdeologoArt, who have previously worked with video clips of celebrities such as: Ceky Vicini, Oet El Salsero, Raly, Luigui López, among others.

Miguel Mendezwho has been characterized by maintaining a different project with international airs, fresh and quality lyrics, said that this video sought to create awareness in society, especially men who today are in a sentimental relationship, where they do not they value their partner and then there is no turning back to remedy the mistakes and damage caused.

“Que se casa” is already on all digital platforms.