Mike Bahía speaks for the first time about his alleged infidelity to Greeicy: “He has no head or tail”

strong declarations. The Colombian artist, Mike Bahía, spoke for the first time about alleged infidelity that he would have committed with a young woman from Trujillo, with whom it was said that he had had an affair in the midst of his relationship with Greeicy after his visit to Peru. Given this, the artist was outraged and this is what he said.

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“Really, you give up certain things when your image is public. There are things you can control and others you can’t. That was a situation that I had no idea about until the news came out and, if there is something that made me sad, “she said at first.

“It’s that it overshadowed the news that, just in the city where we broke a ticket sales record, it was clouded by one of those things. I didn’t say anything because people know who I am and how I am,” he told La Republic.

On the other hand, Mike lamented that said rumor had overshadowed his musical show: “I found it very sad that this news of those seven thousand people singing my songs was contaminated with something that has no head or tail,” said the artist.

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How did Greeicy and Mike Bahía meet?

Their story began at a party to which they were invited, Greeicy she was instantly attracted to him, but apparently Mike I wasn’t interested in dating someone.

For his part, during an interview he gave Greeicy in 2019 for the program live fanscommented that at that time she was 19 years old and he was 24, and that when she saw him she was very interested.

The singer’s interest in Mike He took her to write to him on WhatsApp, but he did not show much interest, however, she insisted until she got a response.

The ex-jury of the Voice Kids, revealed to be a man and shy and for that reason he was not very attracted to the idea of ​​dating a star. Despite how distant he could be Mike at the beginning, Greeicy He maintains that he was most attracted to it.