Miki González celebrates 50 years of musical career with a show

One of the most influential singers in our country, Miki Gonzalez, returns to the stage to celebrate its 50-year career live. After a strong fight against the colon cancerthe legendary musician returns in an impressive show that will take us on a journey through his greatest hits.

The renowned musician will present a top quality show worthy of a great musical career that includes more than 14 albums that navigate between rock, post punk, ska, blues, Afro-Peruvian musicOh andean.

Songs like “So many times”, “Let’s go to Tocache”, “Lola”, “Akundun”, “La pequeña”, To enjoy tasty “among others, guarantee a spectacular night full of partying, dancing and energy:

“I feel really happy to return to the stages that are my habitat. I feel healthy because it gives me energy and I promise you an amazing night for all the generations that follow me” says Miki from his recording studio.

Let’s remember that Juan Manuel Gonzalez Masias He began his musical adventure in the 70’s navigating between sounds of guitars, harmonica, cajón and voice influenced by the music of the time, which would lead him to experience new sounds for those times.

His first album “You can be you” Released in 1985, it changed the history of Peruvian rock. This album was recorded in Buenos Aires in collaboration with Charly García, Cachorro López, Miguel Abuelo, Daniel Melingo and Andrés Calamaro.

Historian, musician, visionary, lover of experimentation with sounds, make González a national legend. In short, one of the most anticipated concerts of the year will come to life this Saturday, August 19 at the Exhibition Park Amphitheater.

Pre-sale of tickets until stocks last via Joinnus:

AKUNDUN – S/ 160