Milagros Llamosas attacks Movistar, which does not accept to pay a million: “Before cameras they cried you”

Flaming Miracles, wife of Daniel Peredo, spoke on his Instagram account after the result of the Superior Court of Justice of Lima (CSJ) was known, in which it is indicated that Media Networks (Movistar) will have to pay him more than one million soles.

“The family respects itself, it takes care of itself. The court ruled in favor of the recognition of the labor rights of my husband Daniel Peredo. It does not matter that Movistar Sports I will deny you a thousand times and before cameras they will cry. Fear walked with me, translated into courage to continue working, raising and fighting for the rights of my family, ”Llamosas began his statement.

The message from the wife of Peredo it was published after Media Networks express his dissatisfaction with paying more than one million soles. “It has been more than three years that a platform company Movistar Sports he turns his back on Daniel Peredo’s family and continues to profit from his legacy, always profiting ”, he specified.

“I never accepted the mean speech installed in their officials, they have no rights, you are wrong, Daniel is not our worker, they denied you many times before me, in court … I had immense pain for your sudden and unfair departure, I decided to continue … ”He continued.

To finish, Milagros Llamosas thanked Justice for ruling in his favor and highlighted the great journalistic days that Daniel Peredo had at the head of Campo de Marte, where he is located Media Networks.

“Justice gave us the reason and orders the payment of social benefits as a result of your work and immense commitment in that environment, marathon days of work, immense unpaid loyalty, it does not matter that now, justice today gave us the reason”, finished.

Milagros Llamosas’s message – SOURCE: Instagram.