Milena Warthon goes out in disguise to the streets and they don’t recognize her

Milena Warthon is a trend for the launch from his latest album “Pop Andino”. Therefore, he did not hesitate to walk the streets of Lime to surprise your followers.

However, the singer She wanted to do something different on her visit, as she decided to dress up to make herself unrecognizable so that people make an effort to guess who she was and answer questions about the artist. With that, she would reward them by giving them her new album.

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For it, Warthon she wore a red wig with her hair up and a beige beanie in a French style. Along with this, she wore a long black jacket that was perfect so that they did not distinguish her, since the interpreter is known for wearing colorful costumes of Andean designs.

After that, she went to the streets to pretend to be an interviewer who would be part of the artist’s team. Did her experiment work?

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Milena Warthon: passers-by did not recognize the singer

milena He did not get the results he expected, because he only got to interview a young lady who was sitting in a park after being rejected by many people who did not recognize her, therefore, they did not want to answer the “reporter’s” questions.

“Which Peruvian female artists do you know?” Milena asked. To this, the young woman gave the name “Milena Warthon”. “Thank you for answering me, you have been the only one who has accepted me,” the interpreter replied with a laugh, who gave her her new physical album. However, despite the minutes they spent together, the young lady failed to recognize that she was Warthon under the disguise

It was a lady who was traveling in the “Kennedy Park” who could recognize her and criticized the fact that the security of the place wanted to remove the vocalist from the place for doing interviews.

“How are they going to throw out this beautiful woman? She left the name of Peru high, ”she commented.