Milena Warthon performs a surprise concert at the Gamarra emporium

Milena Warthon is in the prime of her career by launching his new album “¨Pop Andino” with the money he earned in Viña del Mar, Well, for her this was only the first step of the big dreams she has to fulfill.

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With that, Warthon He has not wasted every opportunity he has had to promote the new album, which represents not only a before and after in his life, since the objective of the album is to spread the andean culture and the empowerment of Andean women.

One of the biggest hits is the song “Daughters of the Sun” in which he collaborates with Eva Ayllon and Renata Floreswhich refers to God of our ancestors, the Incas.

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Milena shines singing “Hijas del sol” in Gamarra

milena He had already announced on social networks that he would visit various places to publicize the songs of who he calls “his first musical son”. With this, several users uploaded videos of her recording a tik tok in the mall, but few imagined the great show they were going to witness.

The young singer did not hesitate to surprise her audience by doing a live surprise concert. With an Andean fashion suit, Warthon He dazzled listeners with his melodious voice and showed that he not only wants to reach the big and prestigious stages, but also keeps his humility alive.