Milena Zárate disappointed in love: “I got tired, I don’t have time to fall in love”

He tired. Milena Zárate is determined not to give love one more chance after her sentimental break with the athlete Augusto Tito Barreda, now in 2022 she prefers to focus clearly on her musical career, as she is about to release an album.

The Colombian singer spent the New Year in the company of her family, her parents and her sisters. “Because it is the most important thing we have, with the pandemic that we are experiencing, we highly value being able to have good health to achieve the goals we set for ourselves, because many families have lost relatives in this difficult time that we have to live,” he told Trome. .

When asked about the possibility of falling in love again, she indicated that she is not looking for him because she is disappointed.

He also pointed out that he does not give her the time for that, since she is dedicated to her daughter and her music.

“No, I’m tired, leave the topic there … I’m sure it will come when it has to arrive and it will be something nice. For now, I have been single for four months and it has helped me to have time for myself, to have a good time. Also, to be able to do what I love, which is to sing, to be able to rehearse, put together new shows and travel, “he said.

“That’s right and for now I don’t have time to fall in love or to dedicate it to someone else. I have decided that I prefer to invest it in my fat (daughter), in my family,” he added.

Milena Zárate assures that the dancer with whom she was protected is only her friend

Milena Zárate was supported by dancing close to the dancer Oreykel Hidalgo at the Rakim and Ken-Y concert. However, the Colombian model assured that he is only her friend.

“No, nothing to do, the boys are working with me, so much Oreykel like Fredy, they are dancers with whom I have been in ‘Queens of the Show’ and they are included in the project we are doing ”, he said.