Milena Zárate is scared and confuses Cuevita with Edwin Sierra LIVE [VIDEO]

A little scare. Milena Zárate was in the Women in Command program where she elaborated on her tastes of the boys of the Peruvian Soccer Team.

Seeing André Carrillo The model said the following: “She has very nice abs and everything she wears is going to be very nice, but yes, as Dorita says, I think that look is no longer going,” she added with a laugh and then paraded.

Then, seeing the beloved by many, LapadulaHe affirmed that it would seem churro to him, however, he maintained that now his tastes have been refined, because previously it was not like that.

“Previously my tastes were strange (…) but the truth is, one evolves through time, so tastes also evolve, I don’t really have a male prototype but he told me in the bearing,” he said when he saw it. .

Milena Zárate is trolled LIVE

After going through ‘warm water’ his statements about LapadulaIt was Christian Cueva’s turn, where he suffered a small scare that killed her with laughter and all the participants trolled her.

“I swear to you, I thought it was the aforementioned and I was going to run away,” said Milena, almost unable to breathe because she noticed the surprise with which she saw Cuevita and her companions told her that she had remembered her partner from 7 years ago .

“This is headline, Milena Zarate He confuses Cueva with …., with …, with the aforementioned, “said Giovanna Valcárcel, laughing loudly, because despite not naming his partner, they knew who he was referring to.