Milena Zárate recommends Melissa and ‘Activator kitten’: “Enjoy the moment, the day to day”

Since Melissa Paredes revealed that she has been in a romantic relationship for a month with the dancer of Reinas del Show, Anthony Aranda, with whom she was protected while still married to Rodrigo Cuba, and which generated a whole controversy around their separation and subsequent divorce, has generated diverse opinions.

Given this, the Colombian artist Milena Zárate was encouraged to talk about her ex-dance partner, and assured that Paredes’ relationship with a dancer was officially something that was coming and the actress does well to seek her happiness with the person she chooses .

“It was coming, after everything that has happened, the step to follow was that and it is fine. Just as each one set out on his way, the ‘Cat’ Cuba is in his world, she too and in the end we all have the right to be happy and our happiness, sometimes, is where one least imagines it, “he told reporters.

For Milena, with this officialization it is demonstrated that her relationship with Anthony Aranda was not a ‘hit and run’: “When women do something we get carried away a lot by our feelings, but that does not guarantee that he is the person of our life because that it occurs over time, “he added.

“Imagine that she was married to the ‘Cat’, had a daughter and look how things ended. Regardless of the love story that we live with ‘X’ person, it does not mean that she is the person who will be with us the rest of our life, if it is in good time and but to enjoy the moment, the day to day, “he sentenced.

Melissa Paredes criticized in networks for spending the New Year with Anthony Aranda

Criticism rained down on him. Melissa Paredes would have spent her New Year with Anthony Aranda so she learned from a series of clues on her social networks. However, this was not well taken by users.