Milett Figueroa on Gisela’s Artist of the Year: “They didn’t allow me to sing songs that I wanted”

Away from the world of entertainment and focused on her acting career. Milett Figueroa broke his silence, and told details about his experience on the stage of Artist of the year in June 2021, when he was the target of continuous criticism for having gone out of tune in continuous presentations.

The model reappeared before the cameras of Amor y fuego and took the opportunity to comment on her disagreement with the rules of GV Producciones when she was part of the program. “Sometimes, they wouldn’t let me sing songs that I wanted. I imagine that he was part of the competition, that nobody chose his songs. It frustrated me a bit, because I wanted to sing things that came from my heart ”, express.

Likewise, he recalls that he had no choice but to comply with the instructions due to the contract he had signed with Gisela Valcárcel’s production company. “It is part of television, I imagine it is part of each production, having its rules and I followed them” he continued. However, now she has put all the misunderstandings in the past and is focused on her new artistic projects.

Milett Figueroa’s passage through the game show broadcast by América TV was quite bumpy. The last song that the model sang in The Artist of the Year was the song “Mala fama”, by Danna Paola, and although the actress in the process gave her best, yes for the jury it was not enough.

“You don’t have to justify yourself, it’s your fault. If you see that it is complicated for her, you should have created a style of the song for her, ”Santi Lesmes told vocal coach Renzo Dalí. Finally, Milett accepted the jury’s verdict on the verge of tears. “In rehearsals it turned out very well. I did have to breathe before falling into that phrase, but with the nerves and the live I was wrong “ He said.

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