Milett Figueroa will act in a Netflix and HBO film: “Happy because I will show myself abroad”

Milett Figueroa has achieved the long-awaited internationalization, as it has just joined the cast of the film Vampiras, which will be broadcast on Netflix, HBO and other well-known digital platforms. In an interview with a local newspaper, the actress provided details about her participation in this new project, with which it is expected that her talent will also be recognized outside of Peru.

The former member of This is War began by narrating how she got the opportunity to be part of the ambitious Gold Heart Productions film. “A friend with whom I worked on another film in Mexico contacted me for an audition and I was selected. I am happy, excited because I am going to show myself abroad”, He told El Popular.

As it is remembered, Milett Figueroa became popularly known as a result of her participation in Esto es guerra and after leaving reality, she began a career in the world of acting.

Milett Figueroa said that, on this occasion, she will play the role of a vampire who lives hidden under the profile of a fashion businesswoman. “My character is Adriana, one of the protagonists (along with Adriana and Luna). I’m a fashion executive, but I really am a vampire my role goes to the end. We will be in Spain for a month, then we will go to Los Angeles ”, he indicated.

Likewise, he surprised by announcing that he will not only act in an international production, but will also share scenes with great acting stars, such as María Conchita Alonso and Danny Trejo (Machete).

Milett Figueroa herself was the one who confirmed that the tape she works on will be broadcast on well-known streaming platforms. “Yes, lThe film will premiere on Netflix, HBO and other platforms without a doubt it is what I expected to open the year well, “he said.