Mimy Succar fulfills her biggest dream at 62 years old: “I’m glad that the opportunity now presented itself to me”

Talented, charismatic and with a contagious smile. Mimy Succar, mother of Peruvian percussionist Tony Succar, is fulfilling her greatest dream at 62 years of age, that of dedicating herself fully to her musical career as a singer after the release of her first song ‘I don’t get used to it’, in addition to having been summoned as part of the valuable jury staff of Peru has talent, a program that will premiere on the Latina signal on January 29. In this way, it becomes the living example that it is never too late to achieve what one most desires.

YOU CAN SEE: Who is Mimy Succar, Tony’s mother and jury of Peru has talent 2022

In an interview EXCLUSIVE for El popular, The Peruvian artist told us how it feels to debut on television as part of a space where, based on her experience, she will have the power to choose who stays in the talent competition.

Likewise, he revealed how his decision was to make music from a very young age, but that he preferred to focus first on the development of his children so that they are the first to achieve success based on their talent. Now, she is proud of them, who have been willing to support her as a team in her musical career, since the artistic vein runs through all of them.

YOU CAN SEE: Who is Mimy Succar, Tony’s mother and jury of Peru has talent 2022

Mimi Succar, how do you feel being part of Peru Has Talent as a jury?

The experience has been extraordinary, I have been lucky or that God is with me, because I had never done television. It has been for the first time I have had some excellent companions, loving, affectionate, with patience. The people who work in Latina very attentive. Very happy because we have all made a great family. Happy.

How did they call you to be part of the Latina program?

It was all thanks to the invitation that Latina gave me in La Voz Senior as a surprise to Tony Succar and that day the same production said: “Wow, where did that lady come from? My God!”. They stayed with that and told me that suddenly we are going to call you and I said “already regal”. When they called me I said I don’t have any experience I won’t be able to do that jury job. Don’t worry, they told me that “you have something special, that charisma, your dedication, you go beyond the screen and they will help me”.

Tony Succar supported her in accepting this proposal in Peru has talent

I told Tony: you have had experience in those Yo Soy and la Voz programs. She told me “mom, don’t worry, little by little you learn and you will see that you will be able to do it. You have to be as you are at home, like this on the channel. I am happy because it is so interesting because you can value what is in the Peru, such a great talent, I want the whole world to know what Peru is, grateful and sure that the entire public will love it.

How did you get along with your teammates from Peru has talent, how did the rehearsals flow?

I knew them on television, but not personally, but when they introduced us there was chemistry between us, between the 5 with Mathías as well. They are simple, affectionate, familiar, it seemed that we knew each other many years ago. There was a lot of chemistry. Giannela loving, Ricardo his experience and maturity I have learned with him, with Renzo I laughed throughout the program because he has spark and creativity. Mathias Brivio is excellent. So it’s been a super amazing experience.

How will your position as a jury be, harsh or condescending?

No, I’m very calm, it’s hard for me to say no. It’s difficult but in any case when someone tells you that it’s not constructive criticism because really if you’re not prepared for the genre you can prepare yourself, so you’re going to make an effort, because you have talent, you just need rehearsal and dedication and we’ll see for the next one. So as a jury I am very affectionate (laughs).

Nervous about the premiere?

We feel nervous, but with great certainty that it will be a total success, because there are many emotions, joy, acrobatics, people who come from many parts of Peru who come to Lima and know the culture of the north, center and south. So this is really going to unite all Peruvians.

Are there people who don’t know your musical career so closely but you’ve been at it for years, how do they recognize you on the streets?

When I was always in the streets or when I go to the market. And they say “this is Tony Succar’s mom, I love it, lady, it made me cry.” Happy for life that they tell me that I am Tony Succar’s mother and now when they see me on television they will surely know me as Mimi Succar. I am happy that they call me Tony Succar’s mother, the important thing is that the family is together.

How did the first release of your song from I don’t get used to it go?

Happy life with the release of I can’t get used to it. Super good. All the audience of the public, they are calling us that they have loved the theme and they feel happy to have achieved this first single with your son, so it has special meaning. It is something very nice that my son after you have raised him, you have given him support in the studio, that he made his career alone and that he has pushed me into the world of discography, I am very grateful to God and to life.

Now it was his turn for his musical career to take off

I read that you left your dreams for a moment so that the first ones to raise their wings are your children…

If true. We have 31 years in Miami and 30 years in the orchestra. My husband is a pianist, we formed an orchestra that we have always played, we were at weddings, associations, everything was local, but one always dreams, my husband said you have to record an album and he contacted producers and composers. Then I started to think and my children are young, that stage is more difficult, because contracts from other countries came out and I traveled and left my children. I told my husband we have to wait for the boys to be older. That’s how time passed, I’m happy that the opportunity has now presented itself to me. What God has destined for you that is the moment that has to be because it will come with strength. My husband never stopped dreaming of it being this big. I told him to be patient. I give advice to people who never stop dreaming to keep striving and studying because one day the time will come, because when the time comes you have to be prepared.

How was your passion for music born like that, that your thing was to sing?

Since I was little, my family on the mother’s side likes music, she has always sang. We were born into that environment, my music-loving dad. Then, when I became more of a teenager, I was presented with the opportunity to represent Miss Nikeeii International and I went to Brazil, that’s where I learned a lot about development, the stage, the camaraderie with the other contestants. I think I like this, I love it, it’s passion. I used to sing at Japanese music events until I got here.

What is coming in your career in your career after your first single?

God willing, this year we are going to release the first album with the production of my sons Tomy and Kenji and with the invitation of other artists who have called Tony after hearing the song ‘I don’t get used to it’ and told him that they will be in the front row because they want to be on album. They are first-rate artists, so this year’s first album is coming and we hope that the public will also like my participation in Peru has talent.

Mimy Succar wants to continue in more television projects

“From there more offers come to me to be able to be on television because I loved television. Yes, so if God wants it, I will be willing to be with all of Peru and the whole world. Very happy,” he said.