Ministry of Culture rejects racist content broadcast by EEG: “They are stereotypes that affect dignity”

It was not good. This is war is in the eye of the storm due to an unfortunate event in which Gino Assereto spoke out with a racist phrase against his partner Chevy Yojhan. For this reason, the Ministry of Culture issued a statement last night, Wednesday May 24, in which it expressed its rejection of the dissemination of content of this caliber.

In this pronouncement, the mincul announced that there would be an upcoming sanction against EEG, since they asked the production of said television space to take immediate corrective measures and prevent such actions in the future. Let’s remember that the “Shark” assured that his partner would look like a “monkey”.

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“According to the provisions of the Radio and Television Law (Law 28278), from the Ministry of Culture we will activate the self-regulation mechanism of the National Radio and Television Society (SNRT), in order to correct, sanction and prevent the reproduction of new content that disseminates and normalizes acts of discrimination based on physical features, way of speaking or clothing, under the excuse of a simple joke,” the statement read.

“The media have a great impact on citizens, especially on young people, children and adolescents who are viewers of the program ‘This is war’, so it is transcendental to prevent and punish the use of stereotypes that affect dignity of people and their fundamental rights”, concludes the culture Ministryhighlighting the great influence that the media have on minors and therefore it is necessary to be careful in what they disseminate.

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Ombudsman also questions This is war

A statement from the Ombudsman’s Office was also released, where this institution also rejects racist expressions against chevy which were given from Gino Assereto in This is warsince they indicated that it is the responsibility of the media to avoid the normalization of discriminatory expressions that promote intolerance and hatred.

“We urge the television medium to develop the necessary corrective actions, to prevent similar situations from happening again. We will request intervention from SNRTV. No to racism,” reads his message posted on his official Twitter account.