Misho Amoli: from influencer and singer to fashion designer

Misho Amoli is widely recognized for his fabulous outfits, with the particularity that he himself shows his entire community how to dress with different style, creating a ‘look’ that breaks the scheme, sets trends and serves as a reference when dressing.

In previous years, the influencer has designed various clothing items, both for his brand, Narcissique (@nrcsq), and for projects by other designers. However this time it will be a complete collection, entirely designed by himself. The presentation of its first collection will feature various pieces such as heavy-weight printed sweatshirts; Knitted jumpers and cargo pants completely made with materials used in military campaigns by different armies, as main pieces of the fashion collection. Talking about his first clothing collection, he explains how important digital platforms have been to his career as a content creator: “Ultimately, in my main job as a youtuber and content creator, I have a lot of material and a lot of ideas in my head both in the short and in the medium-long term, and I am sure that my community will enjoy it very much ”. He emphasizes that the other projects are adjoining jobs, serving as support for his main project as a content creator on YouTube, Instagram and Twitch, which is where all his energy and enthusiasm will always go. Misho Amoli, who was born in Bulgaria in 1991, in addition to having Persian and Italian descent, is an actor, model, youtuber, and musician and fashion designer. He currently resides in Spain.

In the music

Amoli, recently presented his EP ‘Sample Sessions’, made up of seven songs from various musical genres such as soul, jazz, classical music, and rock, among others. “For me, the year 2021 has been very fruitful, as I have managed to conquer various audiences, after the launch of my first musical project, after several years absent from this industry,” says the multifaceted artist. He assures that his series called ‘How did the people dress?’, Very famous in different countries of Europe and other parts of the world, will come to light very soon. At the beginning of this year, 2021, he started his most important YouTube series, called “What Are People Wearing in” where he shows in a natural, spontaneous and carefree way how people dress on the street in different parts of Spain and the world .