Miss Paraguay and the typical costume that stole the glances in the Miss Universe preliminary

Fans of beauty pageants have made the name Miss Universe a trend on social networks, whose 70th edition will be held this Sunday, December 12 at the Universe Arena in Eilat, Israel.

One of the candidates who is giving something to talk about is Miss Paraguay, who at the preliminary gala held tonight has given what to talk about because of her typical costume. His name has come to light and the comments highlight that he paid a well-deserved tribute to a bird of his land.

The outfit, according to Paraguayan media, was a ecological dress made by more than 20 national artisans, created by the designer from Guaireña Yerutí Acosta.

Nadia wore an ecology-inspired outfit, with Paraguayan crafts and recycled materials.

Acosta mentioned that the idea of ​​the suit was to have a message not only about caring for the environment, but also about the reuse of materials commonly found in garbage.

Many users and pages affirm that his beautiful green outfit emulates a mainumby, the name that the Guarani gave to the hummingbird, a bird native to America.

They also define it as a variant of the 20 species of hummingbird that exist in Paraguay.

But Nadia not only showed off in this segment of the preliminary contest, but also in the ball gown and the swimsuit, the latter in two pieces in black, which she modeled with great ease.

The media La Nación Paraguay reviews the following about her compatriot: “Only with her presentation in which she wore a gold, fitted and short dress with which she stole the applause of the public. In her first round, Nadia wore an impeccable swimsuit black in two pieces and she gave a pass with great joy showing herself as a true diva, with a lot of charisma “.

“I am happy, excited and I want to thank you for all that love. Today, this is a reality and Paraguay is present after two years,” he wrote on his Instagram account.

Missologists have it among their favorites. According to Ultima Hora, 22-year-old Nadia speaks four languages ​​and has an excellent command of English. He has also made singing and acting appearances.

She was the third finalist in the Miss Teen Universe, in 2014. From a very young age, she was a model for several national and international brands.

The public can vote through the Telemundo page.

The Dominican Republic was not far behind, as our representative Debbie Aflalo was also praised in her parade of traditional dress, gala and swimsuit in the preliminary.

Her typical dress alludes to the Goddess of the sun and how the Dominican Republic is located on the same path as the sun.

“Today I am the goddess of the sun, I am my country, I am the Dominican Republic,” the 28-year-old wrote.

In another post he wrote: “Dominican Republic, a country placed in the same path as the Sun, bouncing its rays of light off our beautiful crystalline beaches and landscapes towards the Universe. Inspired by the warm sun that sets on the wonderful landscape of Las Dunas de Baní, a national treasure characterized by its high mountains of fine white sand, dressed by waves of winds ”, he estimated.

“This typical costume has been made with resin moldings that comply with the principles of being compostable and biodegradable, decorating a metallic structure, adorning every minute detail in precious laser-cut crystals,” he wrote.

Aflalo said on his social networks that he will not disappoint the Dominican Republic and is preparing to do his best this Sunday.