Miss Universe 2022: Was R’Bonney Gabriel inspired by Janick Maceta? Users show similarities

The coronation of R’Bonney Gabriel in Miss Universe 2022 caused controversy around the world and netizens have not hesitated to express their annoyance at the United States’ triumph. They have even compared her to our former Miss Peru 2020, Janick Maceta, since a video went viral on social networks in which a very similar catwalk between the two models is evident. Because the Peruvian was the first to parade in the international beauty pageant, many believe that the current winner copied the peculiar walk of our compatriot.

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The comparison between Janick Maceta and R’Bonney Gabriel

On platforms like TikTok and Instagram A clip went viral in which the similarities between Janick Maceta and r’bonney. Let’s remember that Miss Peru 2020 became one of the favorites of the contest and, despite not having won, she remained as the second finalist, since she stood out for her elegance and parade.

Janick Maceta made history at Miss Universe 2020 after being among the most beautiful in the world. Photo: LR / Miss Universe composition

Apparently, R’Bonney Gabriel It would have been inspired by the Peruvian model, since, as shown in the video, her parade is very similar to the one Janick did at Miss Universe 2020. Likewise, the evening dress did not go unnoticed, since it was also similar to that of our compatriot.

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What did users say about Janick Maceta and R’Bonney Gabriel’s catwalk?

“Now I understand why (R’Bonney) won”, “He did study Janick’s runway”“Miss Universe follows Janick, she definitely took her as an inspiration”, “Even the design of the dress has the same essence as Janick’s”, “Yes, it seems that she copied the catwalk, they are both beautiful”, were some of the comments that stood out in the video.

Janick Maceta moved away from the world of beauty pageants and is now dedicated to another field.

Janick Maceta moved away from the world of beauty pageants and is now dedicated to another field. Photo: Composition LR/Miss Universe/Janick Maceta/Instagram