Miss Universe: Yely Rivera’s Latin rivals in the prestigious beauty pageant

The Municipal Palace of Lima saw the birth of a new representative of the Miss Peru pageant, Jessica Newton put the crown on the model Yely Rivera in the month of October, officially becoming the successor to Yanick Maceta who reigned in 2020.

However, the world of beauty is no stranger to the 25-year-old young businesswoman, since her older sister Kelin Rivera also became Miss Peru in 2019. Now, Yely is days away from being part of the contest of oldest beauty in the world: the Miss Universe.

This December 12, a new edition of the aforementioned global contest will be held, which will be broadcast from Israel. Although the Peruvian is one of the 80 candidates who will parade in different exclusive costumes and answer leading questions, she will have to stand out among the other Latin misses who are focused on winning as well.

We open the sequence with the Colombian Valeria ayos originally from the city of Cartagena. It is characterized by its resilience, because a year ago it could not be part of the beauty pageant after catching coronavirus, however this year it swept the contest and will be in charge of representing the coffee-growing country.

Up with tango! With only 22 years old, Juliet Garcia He bears the great responsibility of representing Argentina. Although she has a long history as an international model, her passion is psychology, a career she is currently studying, since in the future she wants to help people who suffer from addiction problems.

Now we continue with a country in the highlands: Bolivia. Nahemi Uequin a young woman in her twenties who worries about social issues such as the situation of women in her country due to the high rates of gender violence and; therefore, she decided to get down to work trying to combat femicides. However, she made a pause in that area to travel to the Asian continent to try to be the successor to Andrea Meza, current Miss World.

Then we have an entrepreneurial queen: Miss Brazil 2021, Teresa Santos, who launched a jewelry brand but is now focused on bringing the crown to her country, as she has experience in the field of beauty pageants, having won Miss Ceará 2018 and 2021. The participants in these contests seek to break the stigmas of women that are part of beauty pageants and often fall into stereotypes or appearance.

An example of the female empowerment struggle is the participant representing Chile, Antonia figueroa who, in addition to being a polyglot who speaks four languages, has managed to stand out in her country in various sports such as taekwondo, a sport in which she is a black belt and regional champion.

Continuing with the list, we have the Miss Costa Rica Valeria Rees A law student also interested in psychology since in her adolescence she suffered from eating disorders (anorexia), a problem that at 28 years old has already been overcome and rather wants to be able to help other people who are suffering from this disorder.

There is also the Miss Dominican Republic Debbie Aflalo his age, who graduated with honors from a degree in international relations and is now pursuing a master’s degree in international trade. One particular piece of information is that she is the daughter of a high-ranking former Israeli military.

Born in the capital of the Manabí province, Portoviejo, Ecuador, she is Susy Sacoto, a 24-year-old medical miss graduated from the Espiritu Santo University of Specialties (UEES) in Guayaquil. In addition, he is a soprano with marked piano studies.

As we see, the dear representative of Peru, Yeli rivera It has stiff competition since its rivals do not lack talent, intelligence and a lot of beauty. Another participant who will travel to the Port of Eilat in the Red Sea to participate in the Miss Universe is Alejandra Gavidia representative of El Salvador. He recently slipped in an interview for Telemundo.

“Salvadoran music is fabulous. Basically we are wonderful with meringue “ the young woman said when asked what the traditional music of her country was. For her compatriots expected the beauty queen to mention traditional songs as “The coalman” and “El torito pinto”.

Miss Honduras is always aware of her harsh childhood full of precariousness, a period of her life during which she even walked barefoot in her community. Now, Rose Melendez He is 27 years old, has a promising career and will now represent his country in one of the biggest competitions today.

On the other hand, almost reaching the end of the list, it is Dannia Guevara Morfin a future Guatemalan lawyer whose purpose is to help children who have a high level of malnutrition.

Long live the tacos and the chimichangas! Here it comes Deborah Hallal an empowered Mexican who is determined to take the crown back to her land. Among his personal achievements, he managed to start a fight so that people who suffer from hypothyroidism, a deficiency that attacks our metabolism, love themselves. In addition, she hopes to be able to achieve the title like her compatriot, the current Miss Universe: Andrea Meza.

Now we continue with Nicaragua and Panama. In the first mentioned country we have Allison wassmer who had to work from the age of 16 and, as a result of her effort, managed to become the owner of a business and also has a degree in graphic design from the Central American University of Managua. While Brenda Smith is a Panamanian journalist and television presenter, and although she was born in the United States, her heart beats for her Latin American roots.

Venezuela confirmed it to me! As the musical duo Gente de Zona said, this is how it arrives Luiseth Materán, the communicator graduated with honors who was born in the north of one of the most attractive countries in the Caribbean Sea. In the same way, we have Miss Paraguay Nadia Ferreira, who has experience in international modeling and yearns to bring the tremendous pride to her country of becoming the next Miss Universe.

Finally, Miss number 18 is the representative of Puerto Rico, Michelle Marie Colon. The young Puerto Rican has two passions: the world of beauty and medicine, since one of her dreams is to be able to study that career and specialize in dermatology.