Model denounces that they did not let her travel because of the size of her breasts: “It is very uncomfortable”

The OnlyFans model, Anastasia Berthier, has caused a stir on social networks with a public complaint about cheap plane cabins. The 26-year-old pointed out on her Instagram account that she cannot travel like anyone else due to the size of her breasts.

The Russian model, who has stood out on the adult platform for her beauty, told her thousands of followers that she has to deal with the same problem every time she travels, she even has to apologize to passengers because she often causes “accidents.”

In a recent interview with the British media The Sun, Anastasiya said that she has hit people every time she passes too close and that she frequently breaks objects in some of the stores because her breasts are too big.

“It is very uncomfortable”

That is why he always travels in business class or first class when it comes to long trips because otherwise he could not fit in the chairs, stretch his back, to which is added to avoid the curious glances of many of the passengers.

“My breasts have caused clumsy accidents, sometimes it’s very uncomfortable… I always smash things on the table with them and I also accidentally hit people with them when I go shopping,” she said.