Mon Laferte mourns the death of César Ceja, his ex-partner who inspired multiple songs

Chilean singer Mon Laferte is pronounced after the death of the musician Cesar Ceja. The Mexican died of a heart attack. He was a co-author and partner of Mon for more than six years, as well as a key piece of his musical career, and inspired hits such as “Your lack of love.” Through her Instagram account, the singer wrote a heartfelt message expressing her pain.

César Ceja passed away on Monday, January 3, at the age of 40. He was a songwriter, singer, and music producer. Apart from Mon, he collaborated with stars like Paty Cantú, ‘el Potrillo’ and Ana Torroja. The details of his death are unknown.

Mon and César would have met in 2009, when the producer was playing covers in his hometown, Veracruz, and the Chilean had moved to Mexico. The first time they collaborated was in 2011, for Mon’s debut album in Mexico: Disposable. Ceja was the record’s producer and co-author on nine of the 10 songs. Their professional relationship took a loving direction and they were a couple for 6 years.

Their breakup sparked several of the Chilean’s most heartbreaking ballads, such as “Your lack of love” “If you loved me” and “Torment.” The Mexican was a co-author of the last one. In a 2016 acoustic presentation, Mon presented “Your lack of love”, telling the public that his ex-partner was unfaithful to him, inspiring the composition of the piece.

The Chilean singer expressed her condolences through her official Instagram account. “Dear Cesar, you were my best friend and partner for more than six years. You gave me a family in Mexico, you took care of me whenever I was sick and you made me laugh a lot ”, it reads at the beginning of Mon’s message.

“I wrote you many songs and you wrote me many too, you were always my teacher and we were very happy together,” he emotionally recounted, recalling their professional and loving relationship.

The artist promised that she will continue to play the songs she composed with ‘Chino’. “I think of all the songs we did together, and I know they will continue to sound and I will sing them with more love than ever. I owe you a lot, my dear Chino, even if you are no longer here, I will always love you ”.

“I love you, ‘Chinito’, rest in peace” the singer-songwriter concluded.