Mónica Sánchez shines in an impressive photo session and reveals that it was done by Jason Day: “My dear”

The renowned actress Mónica Sánchez is going through a great moment in her professional career after making the series al fondo hay Sitio lead in ratings. In addition, the public figure does not ignore her social networks where she shares what she feels and thinks with her fans, but this time, she surprised them.

Remember that a few weeks ago, the peruvian artist paralyzed the digital platforms after she posed with a blue bikini quite happy and generated thousands of reactions from her followers.

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Now, the talented Mónica Sánchez returned to cause a commotion on her official Instagram account after apparently posting her last photo session on the beach, but what drew the most attention is that it was done by the popular Jason Day.

As is known, strong rumors arose last year that both actors supposedly they were in little exits, but no one came out to deny or confirm the information.

This time, Mónica Sánchez thanked the artist for the photo session. “Thank you for your generosity and talent, my dear. Let’s go for more,” she wrote in a comment.

In addition, in the description of your post the national actress placed the song ‘Lamento Boliviano’ by the Enanitos Verdes. “They want to shake me, they encourage me to scream. I am like a rock, words do not touch me. Inside there is a volcano that will soon explode,” she reads.

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What did Mónica Sánchez say about the harassment she has been receiving?

Monica Sanchez She left her followers quite distressed after denouncing that she is being harassed through the WhatsApp application. “I want to report that I am being harassed via WhatsApp. I have experienced it before in other ways and I am not going to keep quiet anymore,” she said.

In this regard, her fans did not hesitate to support her. “Oh! I’m so sorry about this, Monica. It’s good that you make it public, these people full of evil deserve to be exposed. I send you a big hug.”