Monserrat denies statements by Melcochita’s daughters: “I put butter on it so that it slips”

Melcochita continues in the eye of the storm after assuring in Andrea Llosa’s program that she was not having a good time and that her children would be to blame for it. Given this, both susan villanueva What Yesenia VillanuevaThey decided to go out to testify against their father’s partner, Monserrat Seminario, assuring that she would be in charge of her father not being happy.

YOU CAN SEE: Yessenia Villanueva, daughter of Melcochita, goes against Monserrat: “She is not a saint”

The program of ‘turn on’ decided to contact taffy and also with his wife Monserratwho were not oblivious to the statements made by the comedian’s older children, even pointing out that the Piurana would have mistreated him on more than one occasion and that his life would be complete hell.

“I am calm here in my house with my family and my daughters, just leave it there, I am happy with my wife, my daughters, my grandchildren. It is only in my conscience that everything is calm with my family,” was what he said Paul Villanuevabetter known as Melcochita.

Another person who also decided to speak out was the wife of taffywho has been accused by Susan and Yessenia of physically mistreating the comedian, something she denied and, she assured, she prefers to ignore all her statements.

“I just let him talk, I don’t know why they give him a screen, I’m calm, I live happily with my husband. I just let him talk, what they tell me slips, I put enough butter on my body so that I feel slip. What interests me is my husband and my daughters, the rest doesn’t interest me,” she said. Monserrat.

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Yessenia Villanueva speaks against Monserrat

Yesenia Villanueva joined the list of his brothers who spoke out against the wife of taffy, Monserratwho on more than one occasion has pointed out that he has mistreated his father and, that he is even in charge of seeing all the work that the comedian does.

“She is not a saint or the worker of the year, she is also selfish. I got the film that my father is filming with Barraza, because I spoke with the producer who did not want any of Melcocha’s children to participate in the film, “he said for the middle of Trome.