Monserrat, wife of Melcochita, looks unrecognizable with 40 kilos less after gastric sleeve operation

The Comedian’s Wife taffy, Monserrat Seminario, surprised more than one user on social networks by reappearing with a totally different figure after undergoing a gastric sleeve operation. Likewise, in the video published on social networks you can see the couple of the well-known humorist more than happy for his new image and revealed that it is all thanks to bariatric surgery and an improved lifestyle.

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What happened to Melcochita’s wife?

In 2022, Monserrat Seminario underwent the gastric sleeve operation and several months later it caused astonishment by showing itself totally different. According to the social media post, she had considerable weight loss.

“I am happy with 40 kilos less and living a healthy life”says the post on the well-known video platform TikTok.

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How old are Melcochita and his wife Monserrat together?

When Paul Villanueva He was 69 years old and met Monserrat, who was 26. Despite some obstacles in their romance, they got married in 2013. Similarly, four years later they were united by civil means in Piura. Both have 17 years together in total.

Monserrat and Melcochita. Photo: ATV capture