Mother reveals that she “confiscates” her children’s cell phones, but then reviews them and users criticize her: “I pay for them” [VIDEO]

Parents are said to have all authority over their children. It is so that a 41 year old woman He revealed that every night before going to sleep he “confiscates” the cell phones of his two children so that they do not stay up late “chatting” or wind TikToks.

However, this action of the family mother has been heavily criticized social networks after saying that he did something else with the your children’s phones. And it is that this lady revealed that she checks what her children do on the mobile.

“Your cell phones are mine, I pay for them. I can review them whenever I want,” the woman said in the record. In that sense, she stated that “people think it is disrespectful or an invasion of their privacy, but that’s how I do things.”

Users criticize mother for “invading privacy”

The lady’s words Laura Muse, caused controversy among users on social networks because they “invade their privacy.” On the other hand, they indicated that by doing that “they will no longer trust him.” However, she replied that she “just wants to take care of them”.

It is worth mentioning that the mother of the family indicated that she gave her children cell phones when they were 11 years old, so she is always aware of taking care of the “integrity” of her little ones. Undoubtedly, a fact that has caused controversy in cyberspace.