Motorola presents its new smartwatch that can measure oxygen levels in the blood

The Smart Watches have become very popular today, to the point that many brands such as Samsung Huawei Manzana Among others, they have launched this type of device that has quite interesting functions. The latest company to introduce a smartwatch is Motorola, which has just announced the new Moto Watch 100. What are its main characteristics? Here we reveal them to you.

As detailed by Xataka, a portal specialized in technology, this device has a 1.3-inch LCD screen with a circular design. Its body (which measures 42mm) is made of aluminum and has two physical buttons on the right side. The Moto Watch 100 is quite light, as it weighs 45.8 grams when it has its straps, which have a mechanism to exchange them easily.

According to the publication, the new Motorola smartwatch uses the operating system Moto OS (own of the company). Among its main components we have a 355mAh battery that provides an autonomy of up to two weeks, integrated GPS, Bluetooth 5.0, etc.

which are your principal functions?

The new Moto Watch 100 it can recognize up to 26 different sports activities. Similarly, it has special sensors that allow you to know your heart rate, blood oxygen levels, sleep monitoring, among other measurements.

Finally, it is good to note that this smartwatch has an ambient light sensor, that is, it will reduce the brightness of the screen depending on where you are, which will also allow you to save battery. Its price is US $ 99.