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Dungeons and Dragons

A charming thief and an unlikely band of adventurers embark on an epic plan to steal a lost relic, but things go dangerously wrong when they run into the wrong people. The film brings the rich world and playful spirit of the legendary role-playing game to the big screen.


In the late 1930s, in the Los Angeles underworld, a rich and beautiful heiress commissions Marlowe to search for her former lover, who has disappeared. She soon discovers that after the disappearance of that man there is a corrupt network behind her.

The curse of Rosalie

Daniel and Theresa Snyder decide to move with their daughter Rosalie to a remote town due to the strange problems that torment the little girl. After arriving at the small town, the neighbors begin to die mysteriously and people suspect the girl.


Leo and Remi’s friendship is threatened by preconceived notions of sexual identity pushed by society, which can cause permanent devastating effects, as seen in this tragic story. Nominated for Best International Film at the Oscars.


From the Met Opera comes the story of baritone Michael Volle, as the brutish gentleman Falstaff, gleefully tormented by a trio of clever women and met with retribution, in Verdi’s glorious Shakespearean comedy.