Moving rescue of a bear that wandered for a month with a plastic drum on its head

A 113-kilo bear that wandered for about a month through a wooded area of ​​Florida (United States) with its head inside a plastic container was rescued and released from the container, the Commission for the Conservation of Fish and Fauna reported on Tuesday Florida (FWC).

“Bear rescued! An adult #bear was reported wandering with a plastic container on his head through a forest in Collier County, southwest Florida, “the FWC said on its Twitter account.

In the released video, the animal is seen as it wanders with the plastic container stuck to its head and the moment in which the FWC experts manage to free it from the accidental snare.

According to the FWC, the bear spent 28 days with her head trapped inside the container since the warning was given, but no one managed to locate her again until after three weeks.

The security camera of a house captured the mammal in its vicinity and this allowed a group of experts and the sheriff’s office of that county to find it and free it from the object that was capturing its head.

As for the container, it is believed that it was part of an automatic pet feeder due to the hole that was located near the animal’s snout. “Fortunately, that hole provided enough access for drinking and eating. Even after 28 days of using it, the bear was still in excellent physical shape. He had a wound around his neck and face, where the feeder was stuck, but the staff cleaned the wound and treated it with antibiotics, ”added the authorities.

Finally, the bear was released into a safe forest area after a day and a half of monitoring to make sure it was in good condition and could eat and drink normally.

With information from EFE