My dog ​​is losing hair

Ask: Hello greetings. I’m Cuban and I have a Chihuahua, he’s 14 years old, he doesn’t even go out the door and he’s very well cared for, but two days ago he cried and looked at his tail and I discovered that he’s running out of hair and it’s darkened, it can’t be scabies because I live very hygienic in an apartment. I put an antibiotic ointment last night. I would like to know if it is already a matter of his years.


Answer: Hello, it is possible that the hair loss and darkening in the area of ​​​​the tail of your Chihuahua is caused by various reasons, and it does not necessarily have to be mange. Possible causes can be:

Contact dermatitis: it can be a reaction to some product or substance with which you have had contact, including detergents, cleaning products.

Allergic dermatitis: This can be an allergic reaction to something you have ingested or inhaled, such as food, dust mites, etc.

Hormonal problems: they can cause changes in the coat, such as hair loss or darkening.

Bacterial infections: can affect the skin and cause coat problems.

It is important that you see your veterinarian and determine the exact cause of your problem, and determine the appropriate treatment, which may include medications, changes to your pet’s diet or grooming routine.