“My husband is gay, but we have 2 daughters and the sex is great”: the couple that defies standards

They are not traditional and their story has caused a sensation on social networks since they granted an interview to present their case, which contrasts with any classic stereotype in society. He is homosexual and she is heterosexual but they are still happily married.

Brynn Embley, 35, lives in Michigan (United States) with her husband Matthew Neilson, 33, with whom she has two daughters. Despite the difference in sexual orientation, the woman told The Sun newspaper last month that part of the secret is “have great sex.”

They met in 2016 at an event for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, a congregation that curiously does not condone same-sex relationships.

Neilson confessed his homosexuality to her on the first dates, but that did not prevent them from becoming good friends and, later, a stable partner.

“I already knew we didn’t have a strong chemical attraction like I had experienced with other boyfriends, but I didn’t really care. I know that he thinks I’m attractive, and I know that he’s attracted to me, And their sexual orientation doesn’t deny those things, ”Embley said.

Both do not hesitate to highlight their sexual connection. “Turns out, the sex thing works really well, so it all worked out!” Said Neilson, a postdoctoral researcher in psychology.

“I had a strong motivation to try very hard to make it work for a woman; I didn’t want to be alone and celibate for the rest of my life ”, admitted.

Neilson called it a “relief” and insisted that he enjoys having intercourse with his wife. “I’ve heard gay men say that they can’t even imagine trying to have sex with a woman, and I’ve never felt that way.”

However, they have couples and sexual therapy with weekly sessions. “I try to remember that if we are both sexually satisfied, that’s all that matters,” Embley stressed.

Part of his secret is also sincerity. “We share if we need more, if there is something the other can do to help make that a better part of our marriage, and so on,” added Embley.

“We are very happy in this peculiar, unique and sublime relationship”, Held.