“My name is Kovid and I am not a virus”: curious name of businessman assures that I generate unusual problems for him

“My name is Kovid, and I am not a virus”, is the first sentence of the Twitter profile of the Indian businessman Kovid kapoor causing a sensation on social media.

This 31-year-old man, head of a start-up travel company in India, explained on the social network that this week he had traveled abroad for the first time since the beginning of the pandemic, and that his name had “amused many people”.

“My future trips abroad will be entertaining!”, He launched on Twitter, with a message that received 40,000 “likes” and was forwarded 4,000 times, adding that, although his name helped him break the ice in the meetings, it brought him problems ordering coffee at establishments like Starbucks, where customers are called by name.

The comment of Kovid kapoor provoked an avalanche of jokes, messages and even interview requests from different media, introducing a bit of lightness in a painful subject, since the number of contaminations with the variant omicron it increases in India and has spread to other nations of the world.

The interested party told AFP that He hoped all this publicity would have an impact on his company which is in difficulties like all those in the sector since in the pandemic season all flights drastically decreased.

Kovid, which in Hindi and Sanskrit means scholar or educated person it is a rare name in India. He explained that his mother had chosen his name long before his birth.

“It is a memorable name whose meaning is beautiful and I would not change it for the world,” he said.