“My sister fell from lack of air,” said an attendee of the Juan Luis Guerra concert in Peru

More than 14,000 Peruvians, fans of the Dominican artist Juan Luis Guerra, expected to have fun this November 22 during the merenguero’s concert at the Jockey Plaza Arena Peru, in Surco, Lima, but what they experienced was almost a nightmare that included fainting and upset , according to some attendees through Twitter.

It all happened after the companies that produced the event, Fans & Music Entertainment and Swing Management, exceeded the 9,000 capacity limit of the venue with 5,000 people, in addition to those who were left outside, who could not even enter and see from afar. to his idol

A user named Vilma Fernández complained that she could not even dance due to the reduced space between one person and another, and even denounced “oversold tickets, people fainting due to suffocation, crowded traffic routes, horrible.” This also prohibited spectators from going to the toilets.

Another who was present was Ursula Silva, who assured in a tweet that her companion was one of those who saw her physical well-being endangered when she “fell from lack of air” and blamed the Teleticket ticket office for the situation. She also stated that the event put “thousands of people in the VIP area at risk.”

“At the Juan Luis Guerra concert tonight there is a great risk of misfortune due to an exaggerated sale of tickets. The services are collapsed and people keep coming in,” wrote Lenin Quevedo.

In the midst of the scandal surrounding the unfortunate chaos on Tuesday, this Wednesday the Municipality of Surco decided to close the Arena Peru until further notice, where another concert by the interpreter of “La bilirrubina” would take place last night in Peruvian territory, explaining that after the closure of the Instead, they seek to “improve and guarantee a safe and quality experience for the attending public.”

In this sense, the musician, regretting the event, confirmed the suspension of his second concert in Peru in a video posted on his Instagram account.

“As you know, this situation is out of our hands and it affects both you and us. We hope to come back soon and meet again. Thanks for the love always. A big hug and blessings,” she said.

On the other hand, Teleticket will return the money for the tickets for the concert on November 23, and in the same way, he suggested to those who have purchased, to be attentive to their media to find out about any information.

Regarding the measures taken by the authorities against those responsible, the Commune of Santiago de Surco imposed a fine of 4,600 soles, approximately 65,000 Dominican pesos, they informed El Comercio.

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