Myths about erectile dysfunction

The erectile dysfunction it is a common thing, which does not mean that it is not something that needs to be addressed. Precisely, a visit to the doctor is essential, but many men avoid this consultation either because of taboo or shame.

There is a trivialization of the penis, as if it were not an organ that is part of the man’s body. The erection of the penis during sexual intercourse is not a voluntary movement like lifting a finger, but is the physiological response of an organ to certain physical and mental stimuli that the person finds pleasant.

Many men act like an erection is a must. Both physiological erections and those that are the product of erotic stimulation involve intense blood flow through the corpora cavernosa through a network of many small arteries.

Due to the importance of the proper functioning of the arteries for the erection to occur, it is easily understood that the penis, as an organ, is one of the main candidates to be affected by any problem of the circulatory system: cardiovascular disease, diabetes, high blood pressure . That is why smoking, obesity, high cholesterol and other risk factors that affect general health can also become risk factors for erectile dysfunction, so erection problems should be a reason for medical consultation since, apart from the sex life.

When a patient comes to the office suffering from a problem with erectile dysfunction, specialists apply a medical protocol whose first step is a detailed questioning, complemented by a battery of clinical studies, mainly vascular ones.

You know. There is nothing to be ashamed of. An early consultation with the doctor will help you a lot.