Nabila Tapia gives her version of the event that left a deceased in La Santa nightclub

The former participant of the Nuestra Belleza Latina contest, Nabila Tapia, was one of the many people who experienced the chaos firsthand after a series of shots that were perpetrated in the La Santa nightclub and They took a person’s life.

Through a brief writing published on her social networks, Tapia narrated that she was sitting right next to the space where an argument ensued which subsequently led to the incident.

“Several shots were fired that caused the despicable events that today mourn families and have disrupted our peace, despite the presence of the security of the place,” said Tapia.

The model explained that she was not part of the fight, directly or indirectly and that she is only united to the episode by her presence in the place, as in the case of all the others present.

Nabila Tapia emphasized that she offers these statements after a “prudent and necessary time to assimilate the trauma.”

The administration of the disco and nightclub La Santa confirmed earlier this week that deceased was Edwin Mejíawhom they defined as “friend and partner”, and that the owner of that company is in recovery, after being injured in the mishap.

“Our company appreciates the unconditional support they have given us in a difficult time,” said the business.

The same way, they asked for “a chain of prayer” for the speedy recovery of the owner of the company.

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