Nadia Collantes, a participant of “EEG”, gives details of her passionate kiss with Gino Assereto

Gino Assereto caused an uproar among all the participants of “This is war” after an intense kiss was given live with his program partner Nadia Collantes. Although the commented moment was part of an acting challenge to obtain points in their respective teams, speculation has begun about a possible rapprochement between them. Now, the member of the competition reality show has come out to talk about what happened and gave unpublished details about the ‘chape’.

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Was the kiss between Nadie Collantes and Gino Assereto armed?

The cameras of “América spectacles” went to the set of “This is war” to talk with the young Chiclayo, who spoke for the first time since the passionate kiss with Gino Assereto. “It’s part of… We are here to meet challenges, to have a good time,” he said at the beginning.

Likewise, Nadia Collantes revealed that the scene was something that had already been planned in advance and they even had rehearsals during the afternoon so that there were no errors in the live broadcast. “There was a lot of pre-rehearsal because we had to get it right when we did the scene live,” she added.

Gino Assereto speaks out after starring in a kiss with Nadia. Photo: Composition LR/America TV

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Do Gino Aserreto and Nadia Collantes have an affair?

On the other hand, the reality girl denied having started a relationship with Gino Assereto. However, she did not rule out the possibility of a closer bond in the future. “No not at all. I know him from the casting. For now we are friends, I don’t know what will happen later. Right now we are working together, we share the work. Let’s see what comes out,” she expressed.

In the same way, the popular “Jaws” clarified that, despite the rumors that circulate, they are only friends and program partners. “We are just legs. The people out there also have the truth about her and they say that I may be dating her, but nothing, we are legs, “he concluded.