Nahir Galarza, convicted of the crime of her boyfriend, accuses her father of being the author of the murder

Nahir galarza The 23-year-old girl who has been serving a life sentence since 2018 for gunning down her boyfriend Fernando Pastorizzo, a crime registered in December 2017 in the municipality of Gualeguaychú (Argentina), denounced his own father as responsible for the murder last Friday.

Galarza asked his lawyer Raquel Hermida Legend to denounce his father as the true perpetrator of the murder. “I didn’t kill Fernando, it was Dad. I want you to accuse the real murderer and the corrupt who covered up what really happened that day, “he would have told his legal defender, according to the newspaper Infobae.

“I authorize Dr. Raquel Hermida Leyenda to denounce, process, make public everything related to what happened on December 29, 2017 and previous dates,” Nahir wrote on a sheet with his signature to the lawyer.

After the new position, the lawyer denounced Marcelo galarza for the murder of Pastorizzo before the Criminal Prosecutor’s Office in the city of Paraná and for gender violence against his own daughter. He also accused the prosecutor of the case, Sergio Rondoni Caffa and the lawyer Marcelo Reborsio, the first to defend Nahir.

In addition, added to the complaint an accusation of sexual abuse against Nahir’s paternal uncle and requested security measures for her brother, her mother Yanina and for herself.

The death of Pastorizzo (20 years old) occurred on Friday, December 29, 2017, when the young man was found on a street in Gualeguaychú with a bullet in the back and another in the chest, next to his motorcycle and two helmets thrown on the pavement .

The next day, and when the news spread, Nahir published an image of both on social networks and wrote: “5 years together, fighting, coming and going, but always with the same love. I love you forever, my angel ”.

On July 3, 2018, the Gualeguaychú Court of Trial and Appeals sentenced her to life imprisonment.. That verdict was confirmed in July 2019 by Chamber II of the House of Concord.

The young woman remains confined in the Penal Unit 6 Concepción Arenal, in Paraná, and her sentence is being reviewed by the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation after a complaint appeal presented by the lawyer Hermida Leyenda to review the ruling with the perspective of gender and be canceled.

The appeal in direct complaint to the national Court is the last avenue of appeal that the defense has to try to reverse the ruling, after on October 20 of last year the Superior Court of Justice of Entre Ríos rejected an extraordinary federal appeal for that the ruling be examined by the highest court in the country.

Galarza was the youngest woman in Argentina at 19 to have been sentenced to life imprisonment. The young woman received the maximum penalty for having been considered the author of the murder of Pastorizzo.

Initially, when testifying as a witness, Galarza maintained that she had seen the victim the night before the crime, although after the sum of evidence against her she was arrested and in a second statement she acknowledged that she had killed him with the weapon of her police father, but that it had been in an “accidental” way.

But from now on the cause took an unexpected turn. Nahir affirmed, through tears and alone with her lawyer, “that she is not a murderer, that Fernando was killed by his father.”